Uist is a wild and windswept place that nestles towards the southern end of the Outer Hebrides. It’s part of an archipelago that extends from Berneray in the north to Eriskay in the south.

The islands are divided between the beautiful beaches and fertile machair plain of the west and the deserted moorland of the east, where you’re more likely to see eagles than people.

The summer days are long, with the sun barely dipping below the horizon, while the winters are dark and fiercely windy.

Yet people have thrived here for thousands of years, building stone circles and chambered tombs, roundhouses and brochs, monasteries and castles.

Uist Archaeology offers bespoke tours for individuals or small groups, led by Dr Kate MacDonald, an archaeologist who has lived and worked in the islands for twenty years. The tour will take you off the beaten track, bringing the story of Uist’s unique history and culture to life.

To get more details of the tours, or to make a booking, telephone 01878 700053 or email kate@uistarchaeology.com.