About the tours

The tours are arranged on request, usually for individuals or small groups, so they can be tailored to people’s particular schedules or needs.

The typical itinerary covers a number of archaeological sites on South Uist, although a North Uist itinerary is also available . The monuments are quite spread out, so we travel between them by vehicle.

The full tour generally runs from 10 am to around 4.30 pm, although the start-time is flexible, particularly if you’re travelling from Barra by ferry. Shorter tours are also available, usually lasting three to four hours.

For the full tour, the South Uist itinerary usually begins at a Neolithic chambered tomb on Reineabhal, followed by a visit to a group of Bronze Age roundhouses at Cladh Hallan, where some mummified bodies were found buried within the house floors. Then, following lunch at a local café, we move on the remains of the broch at Dun Vulan, which is tower-like dwelling that dates to the Iron Age. The final stop is Howmore (shown as Tobha Mòr on some maps), which is the site of a ruined early Christian monastery.